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From John Patrick Parle to Mike Parle

Subject: Nelly Parle, Lima, Peru


I got the following from Nelly Parle in Peru several months ago. 

John Patrick


Subj: The Parle Family
Date: 11/27/2000
From: Nelly de Paramo Parle
To: John Patrick Parle  

Hi John

I am a member of the Parle family. My full name is Nelly de Paramo Parle. I'm Rita's sister. We both live in Lima, Peru, South America. She entered her name in the Parle family mail and she has been receiving some e-mails that you have sent to the Parle group and re-sending them to me.

According to what I know of the Parles, I guess we belong to the same family. My grandfather, Peter Parle O'Sullivan (his father's name was Peter Parle and her mother's Katherine O'Sullivan), was born in County Wexford and travelled to South America when he was about 30 years old. He married my grandmother, a Peruvian, and had three children. Pedro, Lucy and Nelly. Pedro died when he was 19 years old, Lucy died at 2, and my mother, Nelly, died two years ago at 71. My grandfather died in Lima in 1957.

My mother never lost contact with her Irish family, so 20 years ago, when I was studying in France, I decided to visit them. I travelled to Wexford and stayed 2 weeks with them. I then returned two years later with my father. At that time, there was only 1 Parle in Wexford, Peter Parle, who never married and had no children. He died some 10 years ago. The rest of the family who still live in County Wexford are descendants of my grandfather's sister, who married a man called Hore. I thought that my mother was the last Parle on Earth!!!

When I travelled to Wexford, back in 1979, my grandfather's house was still there in Valleyhealey, although it had been literally abandoned. It was opposite the Castle (it's actually a tower but they call it the Castle) that had also been owned by the Parles. From there we could see the Saltee Islands that were also owned by the Parle family about 100 years ago.

When my sister sent me your e-mail with all the information about the Parles and the Saltee islands, I knew that we had to belong to the same family because there was only one Parle family in Wexford. Before getting in contact with you, I decided to write to one of my cousins in Wexford, with whom I had not been in contact for almost 15 years, and ask her about the Parles. She has confirmed the same information, which I transcribe below:

"The big island, the most glamorous and famous, was extensively farmed by the Parle family, John and Patrick Parle, in the last century. In May 1990, Patrick Parle inserted the following notice in the Wexford newspaper: (Note: This date is probably 1900 not 1990?)

"The Great Saltee to be sold by auction, by direction of the tenant, Patrick Parle, hio s interest in the Great Saltee Island with dwelling house and offices there, containing about 215 statute acres, 60 of which are prime quality.”

Above is the well-known large Saltee Island facing the Atlantic, (Inset: the precise outlook of the Island is eastwards the St. George’s Channel and westward to the Wexford coastline) and five miles from the pier in Kilmore Quay on the mainland. The dwelling house and cowhouse are slated-barn, stable and carhouse, etc. are thatched and are in good order, 20 acres under tillage, 30 under grass and meadowing, the remainder being a rabbit warren, from 600 to 800 pairs, of which can be killed every year without injuring the stock.

Patrick Parle had many reasons for selling his interest in the island. He was finding it impossible to make ends meet, due to the recession in the farming. He was also getting on in years. The auction created very little interest. It was not until 1904, when Martin Pierce, owner of Pierces Foundry in Wexford, bought out the remainder of Patrick Parle's lease, so ending farming life on the big island, which had served the Parle family well for most of the 19th century. For the next 35 years, the island was only used for recreational and sporting activities."

Note: It is now a Bird Sanctuary with an excellent international reputation

My cousin is looking up more information for me. My sister has my grandfather's coat-of-arms ring. We are planning to have it photocopied, enlarged and scanned, so that we can send it to you. When did your family emigrate to the US? What was your grandfather's name? Are there many Parles in the Parle group mail in the US?

I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.



April 16 2001 – from Nelly de Paramo Parle to Mike Parle

Subject: Re: Updated Parle Family History (Now 87 pages 1.27Mb)


Thank you so much for your e.mail with the Parle family history. It was a great surprise. I had no problem in downloading the attachment. I've really enjoyed reading all the stories about the Parles. I am amazed to see that there are a lot of Parles around the world. As far as I know, in Peru, we are only two, my sister and I. At least, there has never been any other Parle in the telephone directory!

Congratulations on your efforts in bringing the Parles together. You are doing a great job.

Kind regards,




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