Parle Data Tables

Census 1841 to 1901, England & Wales

The Census for England and Wales is taken every 10 years, starting in 1841.  Census data is available for 1841 to 1901.  Click here to see a list of all Parle recorded in each census.


Birth, Marriage & Death
England & Wales, 1837 to 2003

Click here to see tables of data of Births, Marriages & Deaths in England and Wales for the period 1837 to 2003, listing Parle and some variants including Parl, Parrell and Parley.


Census 1880, USA

The 1880 Census for the USA can be searched at the website.  Click here to see a summary of the 94 Parle recorded at this census.


Further details

To obtain further information on any of the Parle listed in these tables please visit the relevant website.



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