Parle in Australia (part 2)


Australia (part 2)

Downunder Parle Walkabout

From Fred Parle to Lloyd & Anne Le Maistre
Date: 4.9.2001

Hi Mike,

I received the attached from Anne Le Maistre who I remember Denis mentioning in 1984 and this may be the link that he requires, so there we are. Hope you are keeping well. I’m at the boilers TG.



From: Anne L. Le Maistre
To: Fred Parle
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 

Dear Fred,

Thank you for your email ... it's nice to know there are still Parles in Ireland!

I appreciate any leads you can give me as to others who are already researching my Parle line. I have attached a report on Richard Parle, my GGgrandfather, who is our link between Ireland and Australia. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Best regards,

Anne L. Le Maistre

Person Report

Name: Richard Parle

Birth: 1831 Ballyvalloo, Blackwater, Co. Wexford [1]
Birth: 1830 Wexford, Co. Wexford, Ireland [2]
Birth: ca 1830 Co. Wexford, Ireland [3], [4], [5]
Birth: ca 1835 Wexford, Ireland [6], [7]
Death: 5 Jul 1909 2 George Street, Ballarat VIC [5]
Death: 6 Jul 1909 2 George Street, Redan VIC [3]
Burial: 8 Jul 1909 Ballarat New Cemetery, Ballarat VIC [5], [8]
Burial Memo: Section 4, Loc. 18, R8617 with no headstone
Father: James Parle (1787-1837)
Mother: Ann Nolan



Reef Miner (1860 [4])
Laborer (1877 [6], 1881 [7])
Independent Means (1908 [9])
Railway Employee (1909 [5])
formerly Railway Employee, Sitawell and Victorian Railways (1909 [3])



Ballyvalloo, Blackwater, Co. Wexford [2]
 "Lochiel" from Liverpool to Port Phillip VIC arriving 21 May 1853 - [2]
Glenorchy VIC (1860 [4], 1862 [2], 1864 [2])
Pleasant Creek VIC (1867 [2], 1868 [2], 1871 [2])
Glenorchy VIC (1871 [2], 1875 [2], 1877 [6], 1879 [2], 1881 [7])
2 George Street, Redan, Ballarat VIC (1909 [10], [5])


Cause of Death: Tonsil Asthma [5]


1: Mary Spellicey

Birth: ca 1840 Bodyke, Co. Clare [2]
Birth: ca 1840 Co. Clare, Ireland [11]
Birth: ca 1840 Tulla, Co. Clare [12]
Birth: ca 1842 Bodyke, Co. Clare [6], [13]
Birth: ca 1846 Bodyke, Co. Clare [7]
Death: 5 Jul 1916 86 Cross Street, Footscray VIC [11]
Father: Matthew Spellicey (ca1812-1869)
Mother: Honorah Moloney (ca1822-1909)
Marriage: 25 Jul 1860 Michael Spellecy's residence, Glenorchy VIC [4]
Marriage Memo: Witnesses: George Jennings & Francis Rea
Children: Annie Eliza (1862-1944)
Margaret (1864-1871)
James (1867-1944)
Matthew John (1868-1940)
Mary Selina (1871-1927)
Joseph (Twin) (1875-1952)
Michael (Twin) (1875-1875)
Honora Margaret (1877-1960)
Maude Eleanor (1879-1907)
Thomas Patrick (1881-1942)


1. "Letter from Kath Parle", to L. D. Evans, 5 October 1991, (photocopy on file).

2. "Parle-Spellecy Family Tree," L. Donald Evans, December 1991, (photocopy on file).

3. "Death Notice for Richard Parle," The Argus, Melbourne, Victoria, 6. July 1909, page unknown, (photocopy on file).

4. "Marriage Certificate of Richard Parle & Mary Spellecy," Married 25 July 1860, at Glenorchy, Victoria, (photocopy on file).

5. "Death Certificate of Richard Parle," Died 5 July 1909, at Ballarat, Victoria, Original held in 1991 by L. Donald Evans (photocopy on file).

6. "Birth Certificate of Honora Margaret Parle," Born 4 November 1877, at Glenorchy, Victoria, Victorian Pioneer Index, 1837 - 1888, Registration No. 22616, (photocopy on file).

7. "Birth Certificate of Thomas Patrick Parle," Born 14 February 1881, at Glenorchy, Victoria, Victorian Pioneer Index, 1837 - 1888, Registration No. 3140, (photocopy on file).

8. "Parle-Spellecy Family Tree," L. Donald Evans, December 1991, (photocopy on file), source of grave location.

9. "Letter from L. Donald Evans,"  to Christopher Le Maistre and Patricia (Briggs) Le Maistre, 7 December 1991, (original on file), quoting Electoral Rolls.

10. "Death Notice for Richard Parle," The Argus, Melbourne, Victoria, 6 July 1909, page unknown, (photocopy on file), without house number.

11. "Death Certificate of Mary Parle," Died 5 July 1916, at Footscray, Victoria, Original held in 1991 by L. Donald Evans (photocopy on file).

12. "Parle-Spellecy Family Tree," L. Donald Evans, December 1991, (photocopy on file), quoting the "Aurora" passenger manifest.

13. "Marriage Certificate of Richard Parle & Mary Spellecy," Married 25 July 1860, at Glenorchy, Victoria, (photocopy on file), year and county only.


From: Fred Parle 
To: Anne L. Le Maistre
Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2001 7:08 AM

Subject: Downunder Parle Walkabout.

Hi there,

Thanks for reply and I give you the main hitters in this ongoing quest for the facts. Denis is Grandson of James from Wexford, who you may well have been in contact with. I’m named after his Uncle Frederick Parle a WW1 infantry hero.

Michael is my younger brother in Dublin who is our ace at connecting people but whose main achievement has been to pull this worldwide sleuthing together. Both will be of assistance I feel sure in tying the Blackwarer and Sydney connections together, then Voila madame !

Kind Regards,



Parle Family History in Australia

From: Tricia Kruger  
Sent: Sunday 9 December 2001 
To: Michael A Parle

Hi everyone...I've just been introduced to the Parle Family site and can't wait to add what I've learned over the years. I am one of John Joseph Parle's grandchildren who was the fifth child of James Parle and his first wife, Mary Butler. 

The information I have collected comes from my Mother, Jean Jarratt (nee Parle), the oldest daughter of John Joseph Parle. She currently lives in Collaroy, NSW and is soon to be 93 years young! I am Jean's youngest daughter, Tricia (Patricia Kruger) and live in Grayslake, IL in the United States. I have also researched certain birth/death and marriage records at the library in Sydney when I have been home on vacation through the years. (All bolded names indicate that the surname would be Parle.)

According to my mother, James Parle my great grandfather, became a master builder of some renown in Sydney. He was what she called "landed gentry" and at one time owned large sections of property in both Mosman and Miller's Point (suburbs of Sydney). He died in 1915 (doc. #70390). James and Mary (Butler) had six children:

1) Walter, born 1866 (doc. #1539) married Ellen ? and they had 4 children:
Annie born 1891 (doc. #9136686), Walter born 1893 (doc. #9337675)
John born 1896 (doc. #9601890), and Ellen born 1900 (doc. #17764)
2) James, born in 1867 (doc. #1618) married Maggie Furlong (his cousin).
I have not substantiated this.
3) Mary E. "Polly" born 1868 (doc. #3069).
4) Annie W. born 1869 (doc. #3484)
5) John Joseph, born April 25, 1871, died 1941 (doc. #7101363) a well known Sydney architect, married Eileen Estelle Jacobs in 1907 (doc. #12021). Eileen was born in 1886 and died in 1963 (doc. #571101). They had 3 children:
Jean born 1909 (doc. #2732) married Charles Jarratt in 1935 had 4 
children -- Ross (b. 1937), Jenefer (b. 1938), Carolyn (b. 1942) and Patricia 
Edna born 1910 (doc. #13792) married Geoffrey Broughton Homes in 1935.
They had one son, Barry.
Geoffrey John born 1914 (doc. #29273), died 1989. Geoff was a 
bank manager in Sydney, a noted cartoonist and a POW from WWII, 
married Helen Lush and had 4 children -- Julie, David, and twins 
Suzanne and Annette.
6) Edward Patrick born 1873 (doc. #7302816).

James Parle married Elizabeth McCoy after Mary died and they had 10 children:

1&2) Herbert C. and Richard P. born 1884 (Twins) (doc. #8401964),
3) Arthur H. born 1885 (doc. #8502306),
4) Frank A. born 1889 (doc. #8095600),
5) Austin N. born 1890 (doc. #9002917),
6) Harold W. born 1892 (doc. #9202014), 
7) Charles Septimus, born 1893 (doc. #9339662),
8) Frederick Octavius, born 1895 (doc. 9519499), died 1963 (doc. #570235)
9) Dorothy R. born 1897 (doc. #9728326)
10) William L. born 1901 (doc. #47)

I believe this information has opened the door to lots more information on 
the Parle Family ... at least in Australia. If you would like to contact me 
on the internet my address is Please use the subject "Parle 
Family" so I will recognize the mail. Thank you and I hope find the material 

Tricia Kruger
Great Grand-daughter of James Parle



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