In Memory of Sgt Charles Parle

Sgt. Charles L. Parle, MIA in South Korea

From: John Patrick Parle,  Friday 2 November 2001 

As we know from Parle family history, some Parles who go to war don't make it back to become veterans. This is true of Sgt. Charles L. Parle who was missing in action during the Korean War. 

Sgt. Parle came from Santa Clara, California, and served in the 2nd Infantry Division, as the radio man in his company in the 38th Field Artillery Battalion, B Battery. His battalion operated the big 105 MM howitzer "cannons" for the division.

The 2nd Infantry Division was one of the earliest American troops in Korea after the hostilities began in 1950, having arrived on July 23 of that year. The division was the first to break the Pusan perimeter, and went on to lead the Eighth Army to the Manchurian border. With the entry of the Chinese in the conflict, American forces were pushed back to the central regions of the Korean peninsula. 

In the communist spring offensive beginning May 16, 1951, the 2nd Infantry Division was instrumental in smashing the Chinese and North Korean military initiatives. But not without cost. At that time the region north of Seoul, in what became the area of the demilitarized zone, was in heavy fighting, and the 38th Field Artillery Battalion had one of its most active periods of the war in terms of the firing of its artillery. 

At a certain point on May 17th the enemy began counter-firing mortar shells into Sgt. Parle's unit. This mortar fire was very heavy, and when it let up, Sgt. Parle could not be found. He was declared missing in action, and about a year and a half later, officially declared dead (though never found). 

Sgt. Charles L. Parle (rank E5) was the son of George and Florence Parle of California, and he was the brother of Walter Parle and Aldyth Parle. He was another Parle who made a deep sacrifice in the line of duty.

SOURCES: Wanda Parle Thompson  



Born: 1928
Status: Missing in Action, Declared Dead, Korean War
Service: Branch: Artillery  Unit: 38th FA Bn  Division: 2nd Inf Div  Type of Unit: FA Bn 105MMH  Grade: E5
Service ID Number: ER19257077
Incident Date: 17 May 1951, Missing in Action, South Korea
Death Date: 31 Dec 1953, Declared Dead


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