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From Christine Ann nee Parle, Gerhold Brown (Christine Brown) Leeds, England

Posted by Christine Ann Parle on Mon, 04 Dec 2000, in response to History of Parle Surname, posted by Mike Parle on Sat, 14 Oct 2000

Surname: Parle

My name is Christine Ann Brown. (Gerhold, nee Parle) D.O.B. 30.8.45.
Born in Leeds Yorkshire. UK
Sire-John Parle-born - 21.1.25. Sailor. Leeds Yorkshire. UK
Mother -Eileen Parle-nee Hawkins born Leeds Yorkshire. UK
Sire- John Parle-born 7.10.1884  Newton, Lancashire. UK. Died 1952. Address  Leeds, Yorkshire.
Wife: - Andrewina Swan Caldwell Parle

Looking for any reference to a Luke Parle son of John Parle. Luke 1861 to 1871, census West Derby Liverpool. Married Catherine Simpson age 20. Marriage took place 7th April 1879. First son William.

Other information - John Simpson age 20, Joseph Simpson age 19. Ref. to a Mary Jane Butler. nee Parle. Residing in Windsor View, Toxteth Park. Liverpool. UK. Mary Simpson, head widow, age 49 from Belfast.

My Grandfathers name was John Parle.

Father: - John Parle - dob - 21.01.1925
Sire: - John Parle dob - 1885 -1952 – died age 67.
Sire: - Luke Parle - Occupation, Chairmaker - dob - married age 24 - Catherine Ann
Simpson age 20. 7th April 1879.
Sire: - John Parle- Occ : Bootmaker or Cordwainer (a shoemaker in cordavan, fine leather)

Any one with information on Luke Parle & where his sire John was born please email Christine Brown, nee Parle.


Hi Mike,

Ref photos. Wedding photo. Jean Parle’s wedding 1921. Husband Charles Bradley. Best Man John Parle, my father. Jean is his sister. Jean died 1986. Photos are as follows.

Jean at Blackpool with Kevin Bradley her son.

Andrewina and little Jean photo in about 1938, Leeds City Centre.

Sent you a shot of Leeds town Hall, and Civic Hall.

Robert Parle is Jean and John’s brother. He was partly blind. His mother contacted German Measles when she was pregnant. Very sad. He died at the age of 52.

Photo of Robert with his mother Andrewina Calderwood Swan Parle, a Scottish Lady. All her family live in Aussie land. This was my grandmother that jumped ship with her younger sister at the age of 14 and 16.

Have fun looking at the picks.

Hope you have made lots of contacts Mike.

Look forward to hearing your news.

Kind regards Christine.



This is a new Parle one. 

Alfred Thomas Parle. 

I had a nice letter this morning from him. His tree will come in for a contact somewhere.

He has no Luke in his family tree. His father Philip born Liverpool -14.1. 1928 to 10.1.1973; grandfather Thomas Parle, born -1885 to 22.2.1940.

I am sending him the family coat of arms. Hope you make the contact. Nice guy.

Did I send you Mary Jane Butler 1860, census, was daughter of John Parle & Catherine Parle, nee Simpson. Sire John Parle, dam Catherine Parle.

Also a John Audley Parle, West Derbyshire. Not Liverpool-59 or 693. not very clear to see, 8b

Margaret Mary Parle 1885 reg July Aug Sept Dover 29979

William Parle 8b 15, Sept 1885, Liverpool

Catherine Ann Parle Prestwich - 8d 15 1885 Lancashire.

This is info gathered up along way.

Love Christine


17 February 2001  From Christine Brown

Subject: Ref.- Edmond son of Patrick

Hi Mike,

More info. Burial registers at St James, Toxteth Park Churchyard and found Edmond son of Patrick Parle - Joiner and Mary his wife buried 8-11-1785.

May help one of our Parle's in the near future.



17 February 2001

Hi Mike,

Two days ago I had a letter from a Frank Parle of Thornton, Liverpool

Frank also would like to go on the Parle List. Address only. Is not on the old email. Father - Patrick Parle - born Scotland - lived in Liverpool 1908. The Grandfather died when Frank was very young. He did not give a name for him. Frank goes on to say about his Grandfather. (Quote from his letter, as follows:). (“I don't know a great deal about him (Grandfather) although something I know and would like love to investigate is the fact he was buried with his coffin draped with the Australian flag. Why I do not know. But I do intend investigating”). Frank then kindly thanks me for the letter I had sent him. By writing to Frank it has rekindled his interests in searching his family tree.

Mike cannot find a Moses Parle in the searches that I have done so far. We have more Parle letters to send off. You have the list of Parles that I sent you. I have had six replies so far. Seventy letters have been posted .At least another seventy to send with in the next two months.

That covers all the Parles in the Tel directory in the UK.

All letters are on file.

Bye for now Love Christine


22 March 2001  From: Christine Brown To: Jean Rice

Subject: ref - John & Luke Parle 

Dear Jean,

After searching for two years now, to my delight via the internet I came across your pages of landowners.

As you may have guessed I am doing my family tree, searching for a Luke Parle, found in Liverpool 1951 age 24: sire a John Parle on Pedigree. Luke Parle: spouse was a Catherine Ann Simpson.

I would be most obliged if you could give me any info on your landowner John Parle. Had he a son called Luke. Luke was by trade a Chairmaker and John his father was a Bootmaker. The trades are of a farming family, depending on dates, it could be Grandparents, if the name follows on. The family has a leaning toward the name John. My father was John Parle, his sire John Parle. Then we have a Luke Parle, then another John Parle. Also my Granddad had a brother called Luke and a sister called Rosie.

We cannot find a birthplace for Luke in the UK. I have placed advertisements in the Liverpool Echo UK & a local Waterford paper in Waterford in Southern Ireland, with no response. I also wrote to 30 Parles in Liverpool, only five replies. The outcome was no Luke Parle connections. Now that I have totally bored you with name Parle.

I must go now.

Kind regards

Christine Ann Brown (nee Parle)


March 2002  From: Jean Rice Spokane, WA, USA 


Only information I have is that Francis Parle and John Parle, who both lived in Clongaddy, Kilmore, were probably related. They were wealthy enough that there might be a biography written about the family. Francis Parle's 23 acres was valued at 34 pounds in 1876, and John's 69 acres were valued at 87 pounds that same year, per London book published in 1876, the year the survey was completed.

You might want to investigate your surname via the old issues of the "Gentleman's Magazine" published for more than 150 years in London. I understand that the LDS FHC and other repositories have surname indexes, and event indexes to this British magazine that gave much information on wealthy English/Irish families.

The Griffith's Valuation CD for Ireland would give you info. circa 1850s, and the LDS FHC IGI civil registration would give you info. circa 1860s-70s.

Irish censuses were taken in 1901 and 1911 and are on microfilm at your local LDS FHC.

The PERSI CD (check with Ancestry.com) might be a lead to published journal articles on your surname.

For more information on where those two landowners lived.

If you want to investigate these landowners, contact the Land Valuation Office, Dublin. For a charge, and using their cancelled land books, current land books, survey, tenure, field books and old maps, they can trace all transactions on particular parcels of land from the time of the Griffith's to the present.

[see www.valoff.ie/en/archive-research/ ]

Jean Rice, Spokane, WA, USA 


24 March 2001 ref- Jean’s email - Christine

Hello Mike,

Thanks a lot for the contacts will give it a try tomorrow. I have made a contact with Jean Rice. I have sent the same email to John Patrick. It is interesting reading. Not sure if my add was printed in the Waterford paper Mike. I sent the add by post, but heard nothing from them.

Regarding Jeans email. The Gentleman's Magazine looks interesting. A possible biography written about the Francis Parle family with 23 acres.

This could also help John Patrick in his search as Francis had a brother called John. At the end of the day we are all cousins!!!!. Its late again Mike - as per.

Must go, bye for now


PS (Thank again for the contacts)


25.4.2001 Christine Brown to John Patrick CC: Mike Parle

Subj: SSDI English Search

Hello John,

Sorry about the mention of Judy, but I was searching for a Luke & John Parle. It went a little wrong, I ended up on the SSDI. I could not find on Roots Web, the emigration list of names from the UK. I was told that many emigrated from Liverpool in the 18th Century, and it was worth searching. I thought you may be interested in the John Parles. I was not sure if you had received the pages, but pleased that you have. I wondered if it was our Judy?


27.04.2001 From Christine to JP and Mike

Re: Letter – Parle Court Inquiries & Gregory Parle

Hi John and Mike,

This is a copy of a letter sent to me this morning, from a Gregory Parle, ref Parle Court. Ashby de la Zouch, is a town in Leicestershire.

Ashby de la Zouch
24th April 2001

Dear Ms Brown,

Your letter to the Pierhead Housing Association has been passed on to me. The block of flats was named after my stepmother, Betty Parle, who married my late father John Parle. The information you enclosed about American Parles was very interesting, but I have no idea whether they are related. I am happy to give you some details about our branch of the family, but we are not aware of any other branches.

My father John Parle was born on 11.02.22, and died 31.12.1999. He married Elizabeth Cunningham, who died some years ago. They were both born in Ireland, and lived there until they came to England in the 1950s. They had four sons: Myself Gregory, then Jerome, then twins James and Richard (the latter is now dead). My father was born in Dublin, but I think his family came from Wexford. He had two brothers and three sisters most of them now live in Nottingham. I am not aware of any cousins left in Ireland.

I hope this limited information is of some use.

Yours sincerely
Gregory Parle

Parle Court - Location
Note from Michael A Parle

Parle Court is a block of 30 flats on Richmond Terrace, Liverpool  L6 5EA
A street map showing the location of Parle Court can be seen at here .


28.04 2001 To Christine from John Patrick CC: Mike  

Re: Research from Christine

Hi Mike,

Christine has gathered some fascinating info from Sir William Dugdale's book, "Antiquities of Warwickshire," published in 1656. The top of the pages have the title "Hemlingford Hundred" printed on them.

Some of the info repeats what the Birmingham city archivist said, but there is more. Particularly interesting is page 881. Here it refers to the Parles family in connection with the Nechells property in Warwick. The Aston Hall website says that the Holte family owned Aston Hall, Duddeston, and Nechells, but at least in the case of Aston manor, not until 1367. Christine's info seems to span long before this.

The facsimile of the page says that Nechells was not mentioned in the "Conqueror's survey" (I presume the Domesday Book of 1087), but that Saxon references to the territory go back that far. Then for a time it was in the sway of the "old Barons of Dudley" (elsewhere it mentions that Duddeston was named from the old barons of Dudley).

In any event, as the story goes, these Dudley barons granted the Nechells property to members of the Parles family, specifically to Osbert Parles, referred further down the page as Osbertus de Parles. Nechells then went to the heir of Osbertus de Parles, who was a son out of wedlock. What is neat is that there is a family tree chart right on the page that shows six generations descending from Osbertus de Parles.

Finally the page reports, that Nechells then fell over to Simon del Holt of Bermingham (sic--whom I'm assuming were the Holtes of Aston manor, perhaps sometime in the 14th century).

Page 949 of Christine's research says that William de Parles, and "his Knights and heirs," were granted Widney; that his son was also William; and that his grandson was Walter. The first William de Parles was granted Widney in the early 13th century, per the document from the Birmingham archivist. What do we make of all this?

It sure is tempting to think of these Parles family members as being members of the Parle family. The constructs of their names (William de Parles and Osbertus de Parles) sound Norman, or perhaps Flemish. One wonders from these data if there has been a Parles/Parle family presence in England since the Middle Ages, not just in recent centuries?

And there is another piece of connection of the Parles family to the Holtes of Aston manor, by way of the transference of the Nechells property to the Holtes from the heirs of Osbertus de Parles.

The Birmingham city archivist said that there were 26 boxes of uncatalogued material in the archives; I wonder if some of these are from Aston Hall, the referenced "archives," and may hold some answers to future Parle researchers. My sort of naive assertion is that the reason there is any mention of Parle info being at Aston Hall in our Aston

Manor Document, may be this very old Parles connection with the area. Well, this is of course all speculation, but it can be the source of possibilities when considering the medieval beginnings of our family. These are theories about the Parle family from over 800 years ago. Proof won't come quickly, but possibilities are still alive.

Of course, I hope the Aston Manor Document is authentic. If it were authentic, so many questions about Parle family history would be answered. But too, I'm not really objective on this matter. Still, I'd hate to dismiss the Aston Manor Document, if it were actually true. That would be an error of skepticism. So the search continues.

Bye for now, and best wishes over the weekend.

John Patrick


Sent: Saturday, June 16, 2001 8:45 PM

Subject: ref - Thomas Parles letter

From: Christine Brown To: Dennis Parle , Leeds

Hi Dennis , how you doing?

This letter may interest you. Thomas Parle is not on line yet, (shame about that). I have spoken to him on the phone, a really nice guy. Looks like he has a connection with Australia.

I have sent the letter to John Patrick, he may put on the list. It as a ref somewhere to Parles in the world.

We have the Queens Jubilee Parade today, guess what all soaking wet. Rain like you’ve never seen before.

Love to all the family.



17.06.2001 reply from Dennis Parle to Christine Brown

Hi Christine,

After receiving your email I looked up the list of Parles who served in the Australian army in the 1914-1918 WW. There were 4 names - 3 of which were in our family but the 4th I don't know. His name and details are: 6538 Pte Parle, James Patrick 2nd Australian Army Service Corps

I wonder if this is the Patrick Parle that had the Australian flag draped on his coffin. Any chance you could ask Frank Parle if this could be his relative. If it is I could get his full army record from the government archives but as this costs money I don't want to do anything unless it is productive.

best regards



Nov 7 2001 From Christine to Mike

Subject: ref: Parle Tree 

Hi Mike,

Please find my family tree hope this helps, its part of my old web page that I not finished yet.

I found a John Parle in Pier Head married a Margaret Stuart in the year 1879. This John is a Coadwainer, that's a fancy name for a Bookmaker. He was the one who picks the leather for the shoes. I think this could be Luke's father, but first I have to find a reg birth for Luke.

Not one Luke or the name Parle reg in 1851, 55, 56, at the Catherine's Index in Leeds.

I hope to look into the school records at the library in Liverpool I MAY find where the fathers came from if I am lucky. It’s possible that we could be related Mike would be great if we could find out.

I have found a William.F.Parle Marr: Age:31, sex M: Liverpool, Lances; Occ :Manager African Merchants.  Dau (Sister) found this on the 1881 Census, any good ?.I have found a Nicholas Parle in the 1881 census.

Thank you for the Attach Mike I will take a look at this evening.

Bye for now



Mon. Jan 24 2000  By: Carina Buckley

Re: looking for a Parle

I'm trying to research my family tree and I know that my great great grandfather's name was Moses Parle (so he would have been born around the turn of the 19th century). I know he was in Ireland sometime between 1846 - 65 before he left for Lancashire. I was wondering if anyone out there recognises this guy, or even where I can look for more information?! Thanks very much.


20.06.2001 From Carina Buckley, of England to Mike Parle

Subj: Re: Moses Parle - Born circa Turn of 19th Century?

Dear Mike,

Many thanks for your email. Moses Parle is causing me such a lot of trouble! I've been in touch with John Patrick Parle and he was most helpful, but my difficulty lies in not knowing for certain whether in fact this particular Parle was born in Wexford.

I was fortunate enough to be in Ireland recently. It’s such a beautiful country! I spent some time in Dublin so I could look at the baptismal registers of Parles born in the Wexford parishes in 1862/3, when I'm fairly sure my g-g-grandfather was born, but unfortunately I couldn't find any Parles, never mind a Moses! I checked out the Killinick reference, and all I can dare to think is that perhaps this Moses is the father of my Moses but I can't see a way to make certain of that at the moment.

So the search goes on!

Incidentally, thanks for your work in compiling all the correspondence and information you've received, it's been extremely interesting, and my hope is that one day I'll be able to link what I know with what has already been found!

Until then...  Best wishes,

Carina Buckley 


10.2.2001  From Peter Parle, Kirkdale, Liverpool

Hi Mike,

My name is Peter Parle third of Five Sons (and one of eight children) born to Phillip and Veronica Parle, nee Connelly, of Kirkdale Liverpool. I will piece together as much information as I can to form a picture of my ancestry. All I am aware of is my Father's Parents originate from Ireland, however that's the extent of my knowledge.

Although born in Liverpool myself I have spent the last 25 years as a serving member of the Royal Air Force and have one son, Matthew Phillip John Parle, born 17 Dec 1981 in Bangor North Wales.

I plan to visit friends in the Irish Republic sometime this year and will attempt to piece something together before then and possibly arrange to meet up in Ireland for a chat.

Take care,

Peter Parle.


15.2.2001  From Peter Parle Kirkdale, Liverpool, England

Mike thanks for the list, far more than I thought were out there.

I can only add to what I sent the other day, that my father, Phillip Parle, was the son of Thomas and Martha (nee Byrom) Parle who settled in the Toxteth area of Liverpool, after both sets of parents moved to Liverpool from the Irish Republic.

Sorry I can't expand any more than that. I have attached a photograph taken of seven of the eight Parles born to my father & Mother Phillip and Veronica (nee Connelly) it was taken in 1961. I am centre back row and often wish I was that young again.

Once again Mike thanks very much.



16.2.2001  From Alfie Parle, Liverpool, England

Hi Mike,

The trouble I am having with your email seems to be on Outlook Express. I will get in touch with them and see why it won’t send to your email address. I have copied all the Parle emails in my address book, and when the boys allow me to go on my computer I will contact them one and all, have you been in contact with any of the others in my family.

By the way we are all ardent Liverpool supporters so we are all in a good mood after last nights game, there was a cousin of ours called Mike Parle who played professional football for Everton. His father was Jimmy Parle who played professional football for Birmingham City. I am not sure where they live though.

Anyway bye for now. Best wishes

Alfie, Pauline and boys


20.2.2001  From Keith Parle, Leeds, England

Dear Mike,

I received an e-mail from Christine Brown who said you were after information on Parles in relation to the IRA. There were at least 3 Parles in the Vinegar Hill up rising. I can't remember their names but there is information about them in the museum at Enniscorthy, (Co. Wexford).

My Dad, Jim Parle, before he died, told me of a great uncle Matthew, who came out of a bar in Dublin singing ‘Kevin Barry’ (still outlawed in Ireland, though anciently so) with two Black and Tans walking towards him. He was arrested, accused of bank robbery and murder, and subsequently executed. The arresting Officers were later judged to be guilty. Hope this is of interest,

Best wishes

Keith (Parle)



From Molly Parle, Clifford, Wetherby near Leeds, England (handwritten letter) - (celebrates her 85th birthday this year)

Dear Mike,

My name is Molly Parle – Christine Brown, who is looking up the Parle’s family tree – my husband’s name was James Parle. He was brought up in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford.

Christine and her husband have become very good friends. Also they became a friend of my son Keith. I don’t understand getting in touch though the internet. I think a letter is more friendly.

I visit Ireland every year; my brother & wife, when they retired had a bungalow built on their son-in-law & daughter’s farm. Alas my husband Jim died over 8 years ago. I still go and stay with my brother. He lives 12 miles from Sligo. A lovely Hamlet called Gloonageshel, Ballymote. How I love Ireland. I am very homesick when I return home.

Many years ago we visited Co. Kildare. I have a son Keith, a daughter Patricia, 4 grandchildren Julie, Paul, Annie Rose, Matthew. Also, 4 great grandchildren Molly, Amy, Megan and Rebecca.

I was born in the cottage where I live. Clifford is a very oldie worldie village 12 miles from York.

Have you ever visited England?

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

Molly Parle


From: Ed Murphy
To: "Christine Brown"
Sent: Friday, May 11, 2001 3:50 AM
Subject: Re: ref Parle- UK

Hi Christine, The only Parles I have been tracking were from Ireland in 1853 a Michael Parle married an Alice Murphy in Brooklyn, NY. I traced one generation of their children then lost them. Alice Murphy was a sister of my great grandfather from Wexford, Ireland. Good luck with your research.

Semper Fidelis,

Ed Murphy  

Note: In our family in the past 150 years Parles intermarried with Murphy’s.



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